Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
To Know Christ and Make Him Known

Our Church Heritage

The Spiritual Heritage of Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church  1835-2018
     Mt. Nebo had its beginnings in camp meetings that started in 1835. These spiritual revival services were held in a wooded area about one mile southwest of the present location. Early settlers traveled on horseback or in wagons from as far away as twenty to thirty miles and camped during these prolonged gatherings. The desire to worship Jesus Christ was strong and they returned two more years afterwards.
     Then on April 9, 1838 a one acre tract of land at the current site was purchased for $1.00 and a log structure was built that summer. A larger frame building was constructed in 1866 and it stood until Christmas Eve 1881 when fire destroyed it. Determined to sustain ministry in this location, a new building was built the following summer. Winter revivals were common in those days and would last for five to six weeks. During the revival of 1915, forty people made professions of faith and forty-five recommitted their lives to Jesus Christ. It never would have happened had the church of 1881 not trusted God to help them rebuild and continue to faithfully minister in their community. Two years after that great revival, the church building was moved back from the road 10 feet and a basement was dug. The added space allowed the church to welcome more people. Faithful ministry on behalf of Jesus Christ continued and in 1977 the church worked together to add classrooms, an office, bathrooms, a kitchen and fellowship hall. The sanctuary was also remodeled. The records show that many people have professed faith in Jesus and were added to the life of the church since that time. A new church building was completed in May of 2012. The space includes expanded parking, a better welcoming area, and more seating.  It is our desire to use this new tool for ministry to bless the Lord and our community in even greater ways.
     The rich spiritual heritage of ministry at Mt. Nebo continues as we grow in our love of Christ and as we grow in our love people by reaching out in His name. Together we seek to fulfill our biblical mission “To Know Christ and Make Him Known.”  It is this mission focus that certainly must have motivated those who started the camp meetings in 1835.  We intend to keep praying and serving Jesus together so that the Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church of today can be a part of the spiritual history God is still creating in many lives!