Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church
Monday, March 30, 2015
To Know Christ and Make Him Known


                 Welcome to

                Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church

                  11693 State Route 774 Bethel, Ohio   45106


Sunday Services

         Worship ................9:00am  Piano and Hymns
                          11:00am Band
            Children's Church Programs Offered At
       Both Services (for children through 2nd grade)
         Sunday School (for All Ages).......10:15 AM
         Nursery Available .........9:00 & 11:00 AM
        Though some may have the tradition of dressing up for church
        no particular type of dress is expected.  You will be welcomed!


  Family Easter Event

                Saturday, March 28

                   1:00 PM                       

Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church will be hosting a Walk with Jesus Event filled with fun and exciting activities for the whole family! The Walk with Jesus Event is designed for family members to experience together- but is open for everyone- this event will help children and their families discover Easter in a way you’ll never forget. The journey will include traveling to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, praying in the Garden, as well as hunting ‘Resurrection Eggs’ as a way of celebrating that Christ rose on Easter!

Hope you can join us for the Walk with Jesus Event—activity stations, Easter Egg Hunt, and snacks!



Living Last Supper
Be sure and attend one of these dynamic performances that will creatively engage viewers.  It will encourage people to consider that the disciples were ordinary men who, like us today, had struggles and questions.  And yet through it all they believed in Jesus and found grace and power to live out their faith relationship with Him. 
Thursday, April 2, 7:00 pm
Friday, April 3, 7:00 pm


Sermon Series

Beginning April 5th (Easter):

Easter Sunday and the 11 Sundays following Easter the message will focus on how Jesus defeated the power of sin and death.  We will also focus on how He then enabled those who believed in Him to join together to live out their faith as recorded in the biblical book of Acts.  Each Sunday sermon will include a movie clip from the "A.D." movie series.  And then, each Sunday evening from 9:00 - 11:00pm the rest of that movie episode can be viewed in its entirety on the Cincinnati NBC affiliate channel 5.  Plan to come and let God bring the Bible to life as together we explore what Jesus did years ago and consider what He continues to do today.
The Story of Mt. Nebo